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            How can I easily install and activate multiple supported devices to have NeuShield Data Sentinel premium edition?

            Whether you are a Home user with multiple devices or a Business user managing countless devices in multiple locations, ease of installing and registering a new software is very important. To accomplish this deployment task, you want to take full advantage of the included “Premium Installer” (filename: neuinstaller.exe) from your NeuShield account.

            The benefit of using premium installer are as follow:
            • This Installer is less than 0.5MB in size.
            • It will detect and determine if it needs to perform an installation of a new NeuShield Data Sentinel.
            • Or auto-download and upgrade to ensure you have the latest NeuShield Data Sentinel premium edition installed.
            • Automatically activate premium features and register all devices to your NeuShield account.
            To obtain this "Premium Installer":
            1. Go to NeuShield Cloud Portal URL:
            2. and sign-in with your registered account.
            3. Click on “Download and Activate” on the left navigation menu.
            4. Click on the “Download Premium Installer” button to download the installer.
            5. Once downloaded, run the installer and follow the screen instruction to complete the installation.
            6. Congratulation, you're all set!

            Note: To perform additional installation, simply transfer the neuinstaller.exe to the supported devices and install the software.

            Updated: 13 Jun 2018 06:17 AM
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