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            How do I revert a file to a specify saved revision?

            With NDS Premium edition protecting your data files, you have the ability to revert to the file based on modification date/time. Up to 7 revisions are available and the revert function can be done forward and/or backward as necessary.

            To revert the file to a specific revision.
            1. Right-click on the file icon and select “Properties”.
            2. Click on the “NeuShield” tab and you will see up to 7 revisions are available for revert function.
            3. Simply click to select the desired revision date/time.
            4. Then click the “Restore” button.
            5. The dialog box will automatically be closed once your file has been reverted.

            Note: If you would like to revert it back to the latest/original revision, simply repeat the above steps to restore it.

            Updated: 05 Jun 2018 03:48 AM
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