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            Should I enable "Lockdown Files by preventing them from modification..." in-conjunction with the Revert function?

            Most ransomware will likely attack your system one time and then stop as it has successfully infected your system, now they just want you to pay them; however, there are more aggressive ransomware where it will continuously attack and to prevent possible remediation from occurring. In this situation, should you need to have the immediate access your specific files and documents until the system is fully restored, you are out of luck. With NeuShield Data Sentinel "File Lockdown" feature, user can have safe access to reverted files and temporarily prevent file(s) modification by ransomware for a set amount of time, such as to copy it a USB drive to address urgent task at hand, and then allowing sufficient time to perform system remediation properly.
            Updated: 07 Feb 2019 02:54 AM
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